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More Bar Disasters As The Exams Wrap Up

If you are finishing up the bar exam today… are you reading this on your lunch break? What the hell is wrong with you? Focus!

If you finished the bar exam yesterday, congratulations. Time to relax and have some fun, if you have a job lined up for the fall. If you don’t have a job lined up, well, umm, lemme tell you these funny stories about other crazy things that happened during the administration of the July 2011 bar exam!

It seems that today in New Jersey — where Governor Chris Christie has just been hospitalized, by the way — they forgot to turn on the power at one testing site….

This morning, test takers who showed up to take the NJ bar exam in New Brunswick found that the testing center was in no way prepared to administer the exam. From one tipster:

The Bar Examiners really have to get their s*** together. After making everyone come 1:15 early and having no one but the parking validation guy to greet us, we are now 40 minutes delayed because an entire section of the room has no power for their laptops. There is no indication that this will be fixed any time soon and they’ve announced that some people may just have to hand write their exams… After having to pay an extra $50 for the privilege of testing with a computer (why isn’t this standard in 2011?) because [the exam software] failed to properly upload, I imagine that they can kiss their money goodbye.

We understand that the New Brunswick location is where most of the out-of-state test takers had to sit for the exam. So, you know, welcome to New Jersey.

But the tipster’s closing thoughts should be highlighted: Why, in 2011, is taking the exam on one of those newfangled “computers” still such a thing? How are state boards of law examiners still struggling with the problems associated with administering the test electronically? IBM has a computer that can play Jeopardy, but state law examiners can’t find the right software to ask the questions?

In any event. It’s almost over. Even in California. Good luck.

Next, people need to start emailing in their super-fun bar trip ideas.

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