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On-Campus Interviewing: Is Anybody Coming To See 3Ls?

Ladies and gentlemen, on-campus interviewing season is upon us. Rising 2Ls are already making their way back to campus, eager to start on a process that will hopefully land them jobs. OCI isn’t how all law students get their post-graduate jobs, especially if they want to work for small law firms, but it is what students should do if they want high-salaried, Biglaw jobs.

That’s the way it works for 2Ls.

Five years ago, 3Ls who (for whatever reason) didn’t have Biglaw jobs lined up after their 2L summers could go back to school and interview with firms looking to hire them for the summer after graduation.

But here in 2011, things are rough going for 3Ls.

How bad? Take our reader poll below and let’s find out….

We’ve received much anecdotal evidence here at Above the Law that things are once again difficult for rising 3Ls still in search of post-graduate Biglaw employment. One tipster said, “The 3L class at [Redacted] is paying roughly $7,000 this year, per person, per law firm that is actually willing to interview 3Ls.”

But what about all of the wonderful legal principles one learns during 3Ls year? Come on, if 3L was so useless it could be reduced to simply the job opportunities you can access during that year, surely somebody would have reduced law school to a two-year experience and saved everybody a lot of time and treasure by now.

We want to get a sense of what the landscape looks like for the class of 2012. Are there firms on your law school campus looking to hire 3Ls?

Respond in the poll below and/or in the comments. If you aren’t in law school (or don’t have any idea if firms are interviewing 3Ls on your campus), just click on the “view results” button.

How many Biglaw firms are interviewing 3Ls?

  • 1 - 10. (52%, 429 Votes)
  • 0. (24%, 200 Votes)
  • 11 - 20. (13%, 111 Votes)
  • More than 20. (11%, 88 Votes)

Total Voters: 828

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