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Thomas Jefferson School of Law Sued Again

Boy, it has not been a fun 2011 for Thomas Jefferson School of Law. The school has already been sued in a first-of-its-kind lawsuit over its allegedly misleading employment statistics. Even if all the allegations against the school are true, TJSL would be guilty of doing what a bunch of other law schools do; they’d just be the first to get called out in a court for such behavior.

And speaking of things that kind of happen everywhere, we’re learning today of a more mundane lawsuit filed against Thomas Jefferson. This one alleges sexual harassment by a school official against school employees.

I know, I know, sexual harassment allegations from a former employee tend to make people yawn. But this case has a fun twist: the plaintiff is alleging that a school official was sexually harassing his wife…

I can imagine few things worse than having your boss sexually harass your wife while you just have to sit there for fear of losing your job. Well, actually I can imagine a lot of things that are worse than that, but that’s just because I have an active and somewhat disturbing imagination. In terms of things that actually happen to people in real life, watching your boss hit on your wife is pretty high on the emasculation scale.

According to the complaint filed by Charles Dean, that nightmare was his life while working as the Director of Educational Technical Services at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. From his complaint (gavel bang: Courthouse News Service):

I’m sure the ladies at TJSL are thrilled to know about allegations that an administrator is making lewd comments about them. But I can’t get over the allegations surrounding this guy’s wife. If a man grabs your wife’s ass in a bar, you punch him out (or get your ass kicked trying). If your boss does it, what do you do? Do you still go to the mattresses? What if you and your wife really need your jobs? Does she have to take one for the team?

(Part of me hopes the plaintiff’s allegations are wrong, simply because the alternative might make my head explode.)

In the meantime, I bet TJSL would rather have this lawsuit then than other one about its employment numbers. Even if the allegations are true, sexually harassing employees is probably easier on the Google footprint than materially misleading eager customers.

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