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We Have A Winner For ‘Most Gutsy Bar Exam Performance’

The bar exam is over. Congratulations, test takers. Many of you will never have to worry about this again. You’ll wake up one day in the fall, you’ll open up the internet, and you’ll enjoy the relief of having passed.

And if you didn’t pass, well, you’ll cross that bridge when you get to it. Just so you know, there is life beyond bar failure: check out this list of bar exam famous failures, who went on to have amazing careers in law or politics.

Whether or not you passed or failed, whether or not you experienced any of the bar exam horror stories we’ve shared with you over the past couple of days, you will not have a story as cool as this New Jersey test taker.

At the Meadowlands test center, an exam tester pulled off what I guess you’d figuratively call a bar exam boot-and-rally….

A tipster reports on the awesomeness of the Meadowlands test center on Thursday. The tipster says the Jersey girl, a recent graduate of Seton Hall Law, is his new hero. And she probably will be yours too, after you read her story:

She did the NY bar Tuesday and yesterday, and I don’t know if she’s just worn out or sick or what, but about halfway through the morning session in the Meadowlands today, she passed out and landed flat on her back on the concrete floor. The proctors stood around slack-jawed with blank looks on their faces as if to say, “That wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Finally, one of the test-takers said, “Is anybody going to do something?” and the proctors started waving silently and trying and failing to whistle. Apparently they didn’t pre-plan a hand signal for “Medic!” Meanwhile, this poor woman is out cold on the floor with her test booklet in her hand.

Eventually, she comes to, pulls herself back into her chair, and continues on with the contracts essay. At least three minutes later, some guy came striding up to her like he meant to help, and she waves him off with one hand and just kept typing with the other.

Finished out the day strong. As Bill Rafferty would say, “Onions!”

Wow. Don’t let the incompetence of the New Jersey law examiners obscure the perseverance and steely focus of this woman. Onions indeed.

I hope somebody has given that girl a job.

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