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Career Center: 2011 Summer Associate Survey Results (Part 2)

I know what you did this summer –- so thanks for filling out the 2011 Summer Associate Experience Survey. We’ve highlighted a few more of the unique and memorable summer programs in 2011. For more summer associate program information, check out the updated summer associate program sections of the law firm profiles on the Career Center, sponsored by Lateral Link.

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Summer programs most likely to have summer associates roll up their sleeves and serve the community:

Summer associates here say they get to do really substantive pro bono work that includes “housing, asylum, and death penalty cases” as well as “helping non-profits incorporate and register with the state on the transactional side.” While the firm is slowly rebuilding its summer program after nixing it in some of its offices, survey respondents still say the firm has a “stress free” and “teamwork” culture that they really appreciated.

“There [are] a lot of opportunities to get involved in pro-bono and community service,” at this firm, according to survey respondents. Apparently all those good deeds help with the environment at the firm as summer associates describe the culture as “great,” and say the attorneys at the firm are “super friendly” and “make an effort to get to know you.”

Summer programs most likely to have summer associates become BFFs with their mentors:

Summer associates at this firm say they “felt like part of the team and every single professional at the firm made an effort to get to know me.” To facilitate the lifetime friendships with the attorneys, summer associates at the firm can attend an unlimited number of lunches with attorneys. Survey respondents also say the firm has a “laid back” vibe and say the attorneys are “really easy to work with.”

A “warm” and “collegial” environment greets summer associates at this firm.One survey respondent says the work is even more rewarding because the partners makes it clear what they “expect from associates, and how to best assist in the preparation of a case.” There are plenty of opportunities for summer associates to bond with the attorneys as the firm also holds a retreat for summer associates at Reunion Resort in Orlando, which includes golf, cocktails, and a day at Universal Studio.

Summer program most likely to teach you how to be a lawyer:

This firm’s summer program helps you bulk up on your lawyering skills — thanks to the formal and informal training opportunities. One respondent says, “My firm’s summer associate training programs have been fantastic, and I have learned more here than most of my classes at law school. The training programs this summer have given me a taste of what is to come once I am fully employed, and I am very excited to know that my firm will be working diligently at improving my skills as a lawyer through formal and informal training.”

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