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Nancy Grace’s Next Chapter: You Won’t Believe This

Nancy Grace: You'll be seeing a lot more of her.

Ever since the acquittal of Casey Anthony, people have been wondering: What has Nancy Grace been up to? The prosecutrix turned pundit got some major mileage out of the Casey Anthony trial, which she followed with maniacal dedication. How could she top her gavel-to-gavel coverage of the infamous “Tot Mom” trial?

Earlier today, “Nancy Grace” started trending on Twitter. It was from Twitter that I learned of Nancy Grace’s second act.

You’ll have a hard time believing this, but it seems to be true….

The news was broken by TMZ.com:

Nancy Grace may actually suck up to judges — rather than go after them — in the next few months, because she’s signed on to “Dancing with the Stars” … TMZ has learned.

We’re told Grace and her partner met for the first time in Atlanta last week. This could be another Kate Gosselin situation, where Nancy practices in Atlanta so she doesn’t miss her TV show … then travels to L.A. once a week for the live performance.

So that’s what she meant by “The Devil is Dancing Tonight.”

Nancy Grace

How has the news been received? My colleague Staci dubbed it a “CASTING FAIL,” but I take the view of about a third of Atlanta Journal-Constitution readers, who voted for this option in an online poll: “I’d be appalled but still watch out of morbid curiosity.”

(Okay, maybe I won’t watch — but I’ll at least ask my mother, a devoted viewer of DWTS, for an assessment of Grace’s grace on the dance floor.)

A self-declared “victims’ rights” advocate, Nancy Grace rubs some people the wrong way with her outspoken self-righteousness. In the words of one of her critics, David Carr of the New York Times, “Since her show began in 2005, the presumption of innocence has found a willful enemy in the former prosecutor turned broadcast judge-and-jury.”

So wouldn’t it be funny to watch the judgmental Grace get slapped around by the bitchy Bruno? Turnabout is fair play.

Here are some reactions to the news of Grace joining DWTS, from Twitter:

@elle_bee_are – [I hope] her costumes are as over the top as her eye makeup and hatred of any defendant anywhere. 😉

@Joey_Powell – Is it bad to hope she tears an ACL?

@PeytonsHead – Is it too early to go ahead and vote her off?

@realjohngreen – When I see Nancy Grace trending, I click expecting to see, “Nancy Grace Is No Longer Allowed to Participate in Public Life.” Alas.

@TheFakeCNN – Nancy Grace has signed on for Dancing With The Stars. Casey Anthony expected to be her surprise partner.

@elle_bee_are – A courtroom-themed dance, like Kate Gosselin’s paparazzi-themed one, would be horrifically amazing.

What do you think of Nancy Grace joining Dancing With the Stars? Vote in our reader poll, and make your voice heard in the comments.

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