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Best Way to Brag About an Offer: Just Lay It Out And Bask In Your Own Glory

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily think that it’s wrong to brag about receiving an offer in front of your friends, family, and total strangers. I personally subscribe to the Major League theory that you don’t want to be dancing in front of somebody who just died, but I understand that most of the kids these days have never even seen the movie I just referenced.

For the millennials, bragging comes so naturally they don’t even realize when they’re doing it. It’s like their biological imperatives are to survive, reproduce, and post evidence of it on Facebook.

Which is fine. I mean, just because somebody is bragging doesn’t mean you have to care. For instance, today we’ve got a kid bragging about getting an offer from a particular Biglaw firm. Some people will be envious; other people are going to make jokes about coat hangers. To each his own….

The greatest thing about this “Best Way to Brag” feature is that you get a glimpse at some really self-satisfied people. It’s kind of a nice change of pace around here to see people so goddamn happy with themselves.

Today’s bright shining lawyer of the future comes to us from UCLA School of Law. A friend explains:

After a long line of douchey statuses about his callback interviews and dinners with various firms, he posted the attached photo of his offer letter and employment contract with a tagline that said “My future…”.

Oh, you guys are back? Sorry, I was just busy smelling this kid’s bodily fluids; they certainly have the most amazing scent of dandelions and gumdrops to them.

Anyway, you want to see the picture he uploaded to Facebook? Here it is, identifying information redacted out by Staci:

Wow. That picture has so much prestige in it I half expect Hugh Jackman to hop out of a water tank.

Oh, I kid. I’m happy for this kid. I just think that some people might have chosen a different picture to reference a future at Paul Hastings. I just think that when you are talking about going into the service of Biglaw, there are more subtle ways to tell your friends and family about the event.

Like, what about a picture of yourself Photoshopped so that you have no hair and have gained 45 pounds, with the caption, “My future”? Or what about a picture where you are surrounded by boxes and near tears that you caption, “Got the offer”?

I’m just saying be creative, people. If you are going to brag about your new Biglaw life, I want to see that awesome picture of your wife and her divorce attorney with the caption “DONE.”

Because that’s the life, man. UCLA grads to 190!

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