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Breaking: Georgetown Law Campus On Lockdown

News and tips are just starting to trickle in, but apparently the Georgetown University Law Center campus is on lockdown because of an armed man on campus.

Details are light, but the local ABC affiliate is reporting the news.

A GULC student — who seems fairly unconcerned — gchatted in to say: “The GW STUDENTS ARE COMING!!!” So at least somebody over there still has a sense of humor.

Stay safe everybody, and follow whatever instructions you are getting. We will update you as we have more news.

UPDATE: After the jump, we have the full bulletin issued to the GULC community….

Here’s the email blast to Georgetown students:

Dear Community Members:

We have just received word from Capitol Police that a black mail armed with a firearm has been spotted on campus.


Edward G. Piper

Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management

How many times have I written a letter to the postmaster general asking him to do something about all of this black mail??

But perhaps this thing was over before it started. People are tweeting that Georgetown security just gave the “all clear” bullhorn to the law students.

UPDATE: NBC is reporting that the Capitol Police found a gun but no man:

Capitol Police said they have found no indication that an armed man has been spotted on or near the Georgetown Law Center campus….

However, Capitol Police said that nothing suspicious has been found after a search. A representative did say that a gun was found under a tree near First and Independence, but that was not related to the search near the Georgetown Law Center campus.

This is D.C., I’m pretty sure you can find a gun around many trees and most hubcaps down there.

UPDATE: Okay kids, what’s going to happen now is that people who are old or get their news from mainstream sources are going to be saying: “OMG there’s a gunman on campus.” Based on all the people emailing in and tweeting, this thing is over.

Glad everybody appears to be safe. Looking forward to the practical jokes we will play on people who will learn about the possible gunman an hour from now.

I’ll leave you with the very best tweet thus far about this incident:

it’s over because everyone knew he was headed to the career services office…

Stay safe.

UPDATE: Here’s the final report from Georgetown about today’s incident:

Dear Law Center Community,

I am writing to update you on today’s incident.

There was never a man armed with a rifle spotted on campus.

At approximately 12:30pm, Georgetown Law Public Safety was advised by Capitol Police, MPD and DC Protective Services that they had received information that a man armed with an assault rifle was walking around the area of 2nd and D Streets, a short distance from our campus, and advised that we direct all of our people inside immediately.

Shortly thereafter, our director of Public Safety sent out alerts via campus e-mail and Hoya Alert. Law Center Public Safety officers used bullhorns to direct people indoors.

At approximately 1:30, Capitol Police and MPD notified Georgetown Law Public Safety that the campus was clear and it was safe for people to resume normal activities.

The Law Center wishes to thank everyone for their swift cooperation with the Department of Public Safety.


Ed Piper
Public Safety Director

So, I guess this letter is Georgetown’s way of saying “oopsie.” Either way, we’re still glad everyone at GULC is okay.

Georgetown law campus on lock-down [ABC]
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