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Cornell Indirectly Acknowledges the Uselessness of Its Law Degree

Here is Cornell University trying to convince its own graduate students to come back to school and get yet another degree.

Yeah, I know, they are being that bold. It’s like saying, “Okay, OKAY, I know that car we sold you blew up in your face and you lost your hands. But you have got to check out our brand new prosthetic hands.”

Arguably, this is just Cornell’s aggressive new ad campaign for its business school, but they should at least be more discreet. The JD candidates in the class of 2014 don’t even know they’re being bamboozled yet….

Here’s the ad. Note that this went out via email to all recent Cornell Law School graduates, as well as graduates from other Cornell schools:

Yeah, lemme repeat that: “Your first Cornell graduate degree helped you achieve the success you enjoy today.”

For those playing along at home, the premise of this Cornell ad is that there are people out there, enjoying success thanks to their Cornell education, who nonetheless will be willing to throw it all away during a recession just to get another degree.

Are there really a lot of people like that out there? Raise your hand if you got your JD, paid for it, and now want MOAR LEARNIN’.

If you have your hand raised, congrats. And have fun. You are winners.

For the rest of us, WTF is Cornell thinking? Are they really thinking that people are so stupid that as they digest the disappointment they’ve received from their JD, they are going to double down on more Cornell education? What, do they think that if they get far enough in a hole they’ll come out on the other side?

No, Cornell might be cynical, but it’s not stupid. Cornell isn’t expecting people to be happy JDs loving life who just also happen to want an MBA. Cornell is thinking: “These JDs are desperate. And we know they’re the kinds of people who will buy more education with no real idea of how it translates into a professional career. Don’t we have other degrees we can sell?”

I’m telling you, Cornell Law grads, the glossy brochure from the Cornell School of Hotel Administration is already in the mail.

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