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Need A Rental? I Know A Sweet Apartment Going For Only $42,540.

There has been a sweet apartment deal available on Craigslist for about a week, but we haven’t been able to tell you about it because it took us a while to figure out exactly where the apartment was.

Oh, we knew the city (Boston). And we know there is an intense demand for $40,000/year plus, three-year rentals in the greater Boston area.

But we weren’t quite sure where all the pretty pictures of the unit came from.

Now we know. You’re not going to believe this, but the building and the price correspond to an area law school….

This glorious Craigslist posting features the pleasing environs of Suffolk University Law School:

$42540 / 293000ft² – Apt For Rent: Great Views (Boston) (map)

One of kind property in Boston near Common. High ceilings, tons of light, multiple bathrooms. Fully furnished! Stadium seating throughout! Attractive foyer and spacious smoker’s patio. 24-hour security. Potential renter must submit to lengthy application process, but management rarely turns anyone away as long as they can pay (we accept cash, check, credit, bank draft, promissory notes, organs, deeds, stock options, first-borns, bit coins, and leather goods). Residents who commit to three years will receive realistic parchment commendation, unemployment. This is a must see!!!

Here are the pictures:

Oh Suffolk. As our own Staci says, “their building is actually really nice.”

Yes, yes it is. It’s like, at least 2 times nicer than simply taking $42,000 and lighting it on fire.

Just remember folks, it’s a rental. After three years, you’re going to have to find something else to do, and somewhere else to live.

$42540 / 293000ft² – Apt For Rent [Craigslist]

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