Non-Sequiturs: 09.13.11

Soon, robots won't obey, they'll be above the law.

* Since the knife wasn’t stored between somebody’s testicles, TSA missed it. [NY Post]

* This is why I blog, instead of etching things in stone. [Village Voice]

* An expert witness, Walter Quijano, testifying before a parole board in Texas, said that “being black could contribute to an inmate’s future dangerousness.” That’s kind of a self-fulling prophecy because I feel way, WAY more likely to be dangerous to Walter Quijano in the future. And here I was, thinking stereotypes where not true, and that I liked chicken because it was delicious. [Houston Chronicle]

* Fear the robots. They will come for your jobs soon. [An Associate’s Mind]

* It says something about your society when people trust the military more than the courts. And that something is “idiots.” But I have a fix: let’s put the military on uncensored TV. We’ll call it “General Judy,” and we’ll watch how lives are saved and lost on the sketchy reconnaissance, intuition, and spiritual musings of a person who speaks in catchphrases to people who just follow orders. [The Volokh Conspiracy]

* Of course, the Courts suck too. [Times Union]

* The Courtroom is the only court you’ll see basketball in. [Huffington Post]

* I can think of at least one UVA Law kid who would be perfect for this job. So long as the town crying was about wolves. [Washington Post Local]

* Marijuana and sexual freedom? Good God man, not in America! [Underdog]

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