Non-Sequiturs: 09.28.11

Geoffrey, what are you hiding down that neck of yours?

* Wait, you mean you didn’t think a big giraffe who spells his ‘R’s backwards was a threat to America? [TPM]

* Illinois Law admits it’s been lying about its students LSAT scores for a long time. In other news, water is wet. [Tax Prof Blog]

* Wait, you mean that the tactics employed by Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer don’t work in real life? [Constitutional Daily]

* Roman Polanski apologies to the girl he assaulted. [Hollywood Reporter]

* Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland’s speech before the American Constitution Society sure made it sound like he was looking for a rematch with current Ohio Governor John Kasich. Next, the ACS should invite Jim Tressel to come and explain his successful progressive agenda of paying young athletes to play football in systems ill suited for their talents. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

* Ever hear something so racist that it took you a second to even figure out the particular way you were meant to be insulted? [Huffington Post]

(hidden for your protection)

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