Non-Sequiturs: 09.30.11

* Is this sexual harassment? Since when is deepthroating a popsicle sexual harassment? Looks like a case for the Association of Finnish Lawyers. [Copyranter]

* If Sarah Palin wants to sue somebody, it should be Michele Bachmann for copyright infringement. [The Legal Satyricon]

* Hey guys, next time you shoot a gay porn video, you can wear parts of your Marine uniform. Just make sure not to grunt “OOH-RAH,” when you climax, because that might be considered an endorsement. [Suits & Sentences / McClatchy]

* It’s like Democrats are just figuring out that the Supreme Court, not Congress, will decide what kind of health care we’re allowed to have. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Something tells me that calling the judge a “crazy ass mother f**ker” isn’t going to help you with your sentence. [Legal Juice]

* Radiohead will not be playing at the Occupy Wall Street thingy. When reached for comment, the band said: “It’s a fake plastic protest, man. In an economy based on rubber plans. That just crumbles. And burns.” [Slate]

* The right advice to this person is for her to major in something non-masturbatory so she graduates from college with some actual skills, and maybe doesn’t have to go to law school. [We Are The 99 Percent]

* Make sure you check out the final update on the Georgetown Law craziness from earlier today. [Above the Law]

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