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Georgia State Law Students Poke a Little Fun at Their Classmates

Gun hard!

Last week, we told you about some law students who were holding tryouts — and charging a $20 application fee — to fill the final two spots in their study group.

The students in the group were roundly mocked. Charging an application fee made demanding an undergraduate transcript from applicants pale by comparison.

Now, if the school had been a place like UVA Law, the student body would have gotten defensive and lashed out about how the study group post “didn’t tell the full story.” They’d whine about how the study groupers didn’t “represent” the student body. They’d claim that ATL “planted” the poster, because we “had it in” for the school.

But some students at the Georgia State University College of Law didn’t feel the need to defend their school or the silly students in the study group. They realized that nobody would impute the toolish behavior of a few 1Ls to an entire institution.

Instead, they chose to have a bit of fun with it. Confidence and a sense of humor are beautiful things….

There were two funny Georgia State Law responses to the study group flyer. One was from the smart people on the Georgia State University Law Review:

But what’s really brilliant is that while the study group people are being hit by the students with the best grades, they’re also getting savaged by the slackers:

That’s just excellent. And funny. And a sign that some Georgia State law students don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s basically everything that the initial study group flyer was not.

Good job, guys. Way to not be tools.

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