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Law School Actively Encourages People To Apply Before They Go Home And Think

By the time we get to the iPhone7, buying one will automatically apply you to law school.

We’ve talked about the drop in law school applications. Generally, this is a good thing. Less pressure on law school tuition is a good thing for students, and it’s not like schools can’t fill out their classes.

Well, most schools. Some schools — especially schools that are not highly regarded — are feeling the sting of fewer people eager to go to law school.

And so we have the latest innovation in law school fleecing technology. Now you can apply to a law school on your iPhone. Because this is really the kind of decision you want to make as quickly as possible….

It should come as no surprise that good law schools still want you to contemplate a little before you ask to be admitted to their institution. But the ABA reports that Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School wants you to apply as soon as you have the application impulse:

John Marshall says it is the first law school in the country to facilitate applications through portable devices. “Law school applications are down across the board, but one law school is trying to change that,” according to the school’s announcement.

Alan Boyer, associate dean of recruitment and marketing, explains the impetus. “We want students to be able to come to a law school forum, tour our campus, talk to us and apply immediately. If they have to wait until they get home and turn on a computer, they may not apply,” he says in the press release.

Yes, Alan Boyer, if you allow kids to think they might say: “Why the heck would I want to go to Atlanta’s John Marshall?”

They still will have to mail transcripts, letters of recommendation and “that dreaded personal statement,” the press release says.

Right, unfortunately for people who want to go to John Marshall, they’ll still have to write something before they can take on six figures worth of debt for negligible job opportunities.

I’d be more harsh, but we’re talking about Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. If you’re applying to this school, you probably take your future about as seriously as a game of angry birds.

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