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One Law School’s Guerrilla Advertising Campaign Makes It Look Kinda Silly

Fun and games with Google Earth.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are all sorts of restrictions on what lawyers can do to advertise to the general public. Law schools have no such concerns. They can say pretty much whatever they want, wherever they want — and when they get sued for their alleged misrepresentations, they can just kick blame to the American Bar Association.

Maybe law schools have this whole game rigged, and there’s nothing we can really do about it.

Except laugh. For instance, it’s pretty funny how Thomas M. Cooley Law School will pop up on your Google Earth search results for things that are definitely not Cooley Law School….

So, an Above the Law reader entered Columbia Law School into Google Earth. Here’s what he got back:

Come on, that’s funny. Cooley is in Michigan. And it’s Cooley. Columbia is in the DMZ Morningside Heights, in New York. And it’s Columbia. There can’t be a single person who was looking for Columbia and then thought, “You know, I should also check out what Cooley has to offer.”



Oh my God. This is how it happens. You take a prospective law student who doesn’t know anything about law schools or the legal market, and they say, “Hmm… maybe I’ll go to law school at Columbia. I’ve heard of that school, it’s in New York, right? Lemme Google that. Yeah. I might have have a 149 on the LSAT, but I have real-world experience and I can write a killer personal statement. I’m sure I could get in there. But just in case, I should have a back-up. What is this ‘Cooley’ place? Is it accredited by, and in good standing with, the ABA?”

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