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Who Uses An AOL Email To Cast A Lawyer Reality Show?

I hope it hasn’t come to this. For the sake of Bravo, of reality television, of the legal profession in general, I hope this Craigslist ad is fake.

Because if it’s not, that means that Bravo is putting together a pilot for some kind of Beverly Hills-based, female-lawyer reality show, and the network is casting it on Craigslist through somebody who so has his finger on the pulse of whatever that he’s still using an AOL email address.

I mean… hey, calm down L.A. ladies, I’ll give you the damn email address in two seconds….

Here’s the sad, sad ad:

Come on, really? Beverly Hills Law? That’s what we’ve come to? This has to be a joke.

Though, if it’s not, can you imagine how many people will be sending in an application? There are going to be a lot of people with “unique” personalities who overlooked the “competent” requirement.

P.S. Lat doesn’t share my disdain for AOL email addresses; he wonders whether they are “retro chic.”

Celebrity Attorney Seeks Female Attorneys (Beverly Hills) [Craigslist]

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