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All Dogs Go to Law School?

Elie's therapy dog.

Has law school gotten so bad that law students really need therapy dogs as standard issue on campus? I mean, therapy dogs are for disabled people or old people who need some company before they die.

Monty, the Yale Law School therapy dog, was a cute story we wrote about a while ago. But that was just for fun.

Is the mental beating that people take in law school really so bad that they need a furry friend to soothe them?

Perhaps so, because now schools that aren’t even ranked as highly as Yale want their own therapy dogs….

Here’s how NYU Law students beg for a puppy:


SALDF is trying to get support to bring therapy dogs to NYU.

What are therapy dogs? They are dogs picked and trained specifically to bring comfort to vulnerable populations like old folks in nursing homes….and stressed-out law students.

How would the program work? This depends on the reception we get from the administration. At Yale Law School, they have one dog whom students, one at a time, can “check out” from the library. We might do things in small groups with multiple animals.

As a pro-animal welfare group on campus, we will do everything to make sure the animals are well looked after. The idea behind this program is allow for a safe and happy space for both students and animals to enjoy each others’ company.

If you are interested in supporting such a program, please sign and pass along this petition. Again, you are only expressing interest in the school exploring the idea behind such a program. You are not signing onto any list. I do not save your emails.

Sign here:


It’s not animal welfare to send dogs to law school, it’s animal cruelty! (Zing.)

Look, not to sound like a lawyer, but there are some legitimate concerns over having therapy dogs on campus. Well-trained therapy dogs are expensive. And you can’t risk having a poorly trained therapy dog around law students because, well, they’ll bite, and the freaking kids will try to sue.

Trust me, I love dogs, and any dog lover has been around the one a$$hole who runs in there, disrespects the animals, gets his hand bitten, and then blames the animal. I hate those guys, and I bet a disproportionate amount of those guys end up at law school.

But maybe we can work out a compromise. NYU Law students are in the middle of New York City, home to thousands of abandoned dogs discarded by idiot New Yorkers who buy cute puppies without understanding that they’ll grow into something a little too big for a Manhattan studio. Instead of making NYU bring the dogs to the students, these law students could just go to a shelter and play with the animals.

Jesus, law students, there is a world outside of your legal confines. You don’t need to have everything handed to you. Just the walk from campus to a local ASPCA would do you good. And instead of taking valuable therapy dogs away from, you know, actually desperate people, you would be helping the shelter dogs out by sharing your time and love.

There are a lot of sad dogs out there, and apparently there are a lot of sad law students, too. It reminds me of this video from last year’s Law Revue contest.

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