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Did Jon Corzine Lose the New Jersey Bar Exams, Too?

I mean, probably not, but when you are primarily responsible for losing millions and millions of dollars, I suppose anything is possible. And remember Jon Corzine does have a documented case of test-taking anxiety. For all we know, MF Global’s money and the New Jersey bar exams are sitting in a basement somewhere being guarded by Real Housewives who can kill you with the piercing sound of their voices.

It sounds farcical, but something is going on with the New Jersey Bar Exam. The New York results came out weeks ago. Yet we’ve heard nothing from Jersey about their bar results, which generally come out around the same time.

And now New Jersey has gone radio silent. There are no results on their website. We left voicemails with two officials at the New Jersey Board of Law Examiners this afternoon, but they have not returned our calls.

My Corzine theory might be off the wall, but others have some more credible thoughts on why there’s been a delay from the Garden State….

The site My Celebration Bar Review thinks that the New Jersey Board of Law Examiners lost the essays:

As you probably have heard, there are unconfirmed rumors that essays may have been lost. We think that’s probably the case since absent a problem the results would typically be released. We know that there was not a problem with the MBE and so that leaves only the NJ essays as the source of any difficulty.

At first, I thought that rumor couldn’t possibly be true. I mean, we know state BOLEs are sometimes incompetent, but for the most part, we don’t think of them as totally incapable.

But, as My Celebration points out, this has happened before. Eric Turkewitz has a harrowing story of law examiners losing his bar exam, and while that story took place at some distant point in the past where the fossil record shows they took bar exams by hand, computers can’t magically turn organizations into responsible stewards. Just a few years ago, Turkewitz reported on New York losing essays that were written on laptops.

As we all know, if it’s possible for something to go wrong, you can best believe New Jersey is on top of it.

My only problem with the rumor is that it contemplates gross incompetence with no hint of corruption. I think New Jersey should be able to achieve both things at the same time.

Seriously, Corzine, just put the exams back where you found them and nobody will ask any more questions about it.

We’ll get back to you if NJ BOLE has anything at all to say about where the hell their bar results are.

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