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Law Student Breaks Up With His Law School

At some point law students have to take responsibility for their own choices in professional schools.

Yes, we know that schools purposely mislead prospective law students about the glories of going to law school. And we know that the American Bar Association won’t hold law schools accountable. And we know that the economy is tough and going to school, any school, can seem like a good place to hide for three years.

But there really is enough information floating around on the internet warning potential law students about what they are getting into. If law students choose to disregard that information and instead rely on the fantastical promises of some unranked regional law school, they really have nobody but themselves to blame. You can marry the reformed prostitute, but you can’t be surprised when you find out she’s had sex with half of your buddies.

So, while normally I’d feel sorry for this kid who wrote a “Dear John” letter breaking up with his law school, I also what to grab this guy by the throat and scream, “What did you think was going to happen?”

At this point in time, if you believe what American legal education is trying to sell you, it’s your own damn fault….

The writer of the “Dear John” letter — who calls himself Alotta Dett (geddit?) — would like to break up with William Mitchell College of Law. It’s in Minnesota. I’m sure we can all imagine some drawbacks to going to William Mitchell, but I’m going to yield the floor to the tipster who brought the “Dear John” letter to our attention, so he can set forth the positives about the school:

As a current student I’d like to say that we at William Mitchell College of Law have it pretty good compared to other “lower-tier” schools.

In the state of Minnesota there are more judges on the bench from WMCL than from any other school (take that UofMN law), and we even have a SCOTUS Chief to our name (Yale, where you at….?).

Obviously we aren’t a major OCI feeder, but with the terrific networks that our school has in the metro area, it is quite possible to work hard, get out to network, and land a decent job. Our professors are great and there is a no doubt around the Mpls-St Paul area that our education is top-notch, and that our abundance of clinics prepare us for actual legal work.

So… there’s that.

But not everybody is so happy. This “Dear John” letter was found posted on school bulletin boards yesterday. If you think our Courtship Connection dates sometimes go hilariously wrong, you’re going to love this letter.

Our tipster — who, as noted, has a much more positive opinion of the school — gives us a couple of notes about the inside jokes that the letter writer is using:

The allusion to “2A” is a reference to the school adding another section in order to keep sucking in tuition dollars. Our computer systems would only allow for sections 1-4 (3 regular and one evening) but the school took in too many people, so 2A was born.

We decided to not report “employed at graduation” because the trick that USNWR did made us look better, until they changed the system and our true numbers were shown. (There’s a nice shot at that in there)…

The reference to “groups of 20″ and “3 point shots” is in regard to the new grade curve. We moved from all 1L classes at B- to having all classes over over 20 students curved to a B.

Sounds like the kid has a lot to complain about. Let’s take a look at his missive:

So you went to some random law school in Minnesota and you just now realized it’s a diploma mill that is more concerned with turning a profit than finding you a job?

Next time you fall in love, try not to fixate so much on superficial qualities that can be brought to you by a good plastic surgeon. Instead, focus on the core issues, and maybe you won’t be taken for a very expensive ride.

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