Non-Sequiturs: 11.11.11

* I wish I had a government job like working for the SEC or something. Not only would I have had today off, but I could also be grossly incompetent without any accountability. [NPR]

Ponder that while we get to the rest of the links….

* Man, I hope none of you had the MF Global account. [Net Net / CNBC]

* The DA who didn’t prosecute Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky is still dead. [ABA Journal]

* But it does look like Joe Paterno is taking my advice. [Washingtonian]

* The New Jersey Supreme Court will make its own decision on the pensions available to New Jersey judges. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Is there any way for teens to pull off a prank without risking jail? [Legal Talk Network]

* I’m just dismayed by how goddamn old and out of touch everybody on the Supreme Court is. It’s cute, in a “grandma listening to a rap song” kind of way, until you remember that these nine people have a lot of say over the definition of freedom in America. [DC Dicta]

* In the amended complaint against Cooley Law School, I’m cited! [Constitutional Daily]

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