Non-Sequiturs: 11.18.11

In happier times. Well, not happier for Bruce Willis.

* When you let anyone with half a brain into law school and key the bar exam at a level where most people can pass it, you’re going to end up with lawyers like these. [New York Personal Injury Law Blog]

* On Southwest, bags fly free, but you are going to pay for your own damn drink. [Contracts Prof Blog]

* Five legitimate ways to tell you are losing your sexual harassment suit. These are all PC ideas, so it doesn’t include all the usual reasons: you’re ugly, you’re a known alcoholic or drug addict, you’re actually terrible at your job. [LexisNexis]

* Here’s why, every now and again, it’s important to read (or even re-read) books, instead of just going on how they are referenced. [Simple Justice]

* I always thought that jargon was the lawyer’s way of saying “this is why my bill is so outrageous.” [An Associate’s Mind]

* Mental health in the legal profession. [WSJ Law Blog]

* It’d be kind of funny if Demi Moore replaced Ashton with Charlie Sheen. [TMZ]

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