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Reports of a Law School’s ‘Fall From Grace’ Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Welcome, William and Mary law students!

Virginia is for Lovers, not Partiers. Law students in the Old Dominion State are not as much fun as we thought they were.

We recently wrote about a law school party — called the “Fall From Grace,” aptly enough — that supposedly spiraled out of control. According to an email from the Student Bar Association (SBA) at William and Mary School of Law, the raucous event featured law students “urinating on the bathroom floor, breaking a toilet paper dispenser, knocking over a flower pot, and engaging in inappropriate behavior” at the Williamsburg Crowne Plaza. This supposedly culminated in the Crowne Plaza calling W&M Dean Davison Douglas “to inform him that the law school is no longer welcome at the hotel.”

But now we’re hearing that this incident has been overblown, and that the law school has not been banned from the high-end Holiday Inn at Fort Magruder….

Here’s a report that appeared over the weekend in the Virginia Gazette:

The hotel insists it hasn’t banned the Law School, but it took administrators nearly two weeks to uncover exactly what had happened. They still can’t say with certainty that it hasn’t happened before. Davison Douglas, dean of the Law School, spoke with management at the Crowne Plaza Friday morning.

“The law students were not kicked out of the hotel, and in fact they would be invited back to the hotel,” he insisted in an interview….

“The problem… at the Crowne Plaza centered primarily on the actions of two individuals,” Douglas said. “Their behavior was completely unacceptable and not representative of our student body as a whole.”

Moral of the story: if you want to attend law school in Virginia and enjoy yourself at the same time, try UVA Law. The kids in Charlottesville know how to throw a party.

Law School caper involved only two [Virginia Gazette via ABA Journal]

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