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Size Matters: Small Firms Rule

Thanks to all who participated in the Turkey Day survey. I am happy/jealous to report that an overwhelming 93.2% of small-firm respondents are able to take time off for holidays. And 76.6% do not need to do any work from home during the holidays. Half of survey respondents, however, are still required to check email during the holidays.

So, is it easier to take time off at small law firms than at Biglaw?

Apparently so: some 32% of respondents said yes (although over fifty percent said they lacked the necessary Biglaw experience to compare).

What is the take away from this survey? If you want to enjoy your holidays, work at a small law firm. If you are a Biglaw attorney working on Christmas Day and feeling bitter, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And if you are a small-firm attorney who is forced to work over the holidays (for a non-emergency), then pick another small firm. And since all of you small-firm lawyers are free on the holidays, might I suggest a small-firm getaway to a Sandals resort?

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