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Stephen McDaniel Indicted for Murder of Lauren Giddings

Stephen McDaniel

This should not come as a great shock, since he’s been in jail since July, but Stephen Mark McDaniel has been indicted by a grand jury for the murder of Lauren Giddings. McDaniel and Giddings graduated earlier this year from Mercer Law School, where they were classmates, and they were also neighbors in the Barristers Hall apartment complex in Macon, Georgia.

In addition to being charged with the Giddings murder, McDaniel has been indicted for other creepy crimes….

As reported by the Macon Telegraph, McDaniel was indicted on one count of murder and 30 counts of sexual exploitation of children. The sex charges arise out of the child pornography that was allegedly found in his apartment.

There has been some speculation about the timing and purpose of the indictment, which the prosecution denies:

Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney Greg Winters said the timing of presenting the murder and sex charges to grand jurors didn’t have anything to do with a motion filed by McDaniel’s lawyer last week requesting that a judge reconsider whether McDaniel should be granted bond.

“Each individual case moves at a different pace,” Winters said. “This is just the pace that this case has moved.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, McDaniel’s lawyer, Floyd Buford, said he hadn’t decided whether he will continue to seek bond for McDaniel….

If Buford continues to seek bond, a hearing is tentatively scheduled for Thursday. Tuesday’s indictment has no bearing on whether a judge can set a bond for McDaniel, Winters said.

Just like Reema Bajaj, the beautiful Illinois attorney accused of selling her body as well as her time, McDaniel claims he wants his day in court:

Buford said he last spoke with McDaniel on Monday night in a meeting that lasted about an hour.

“We had a very good conversation,” he said. “He’s in good spirits.”

McDaniel insists he is innocent, Buford said. “He wants a trial.”

And, based on their comments to the Telegraph, members of the Giddings family want justice for Lauren.

Whether that entails the conviction of Stephen McDaniel remains to be seen.

McDaniel Indicted on Murder Charge in Giddings Killing, 30 Child Sex Charges [Macon Telegraph]

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