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‘Students Employed As Strippers’ Should Be Part Of A Law School’s Ranking

You have to love it when law students are openly telling New York Magazine that they are stripping on the side.

It’s even better when it’s a student at one of the best law schools in the nation. Or did the magazine just successfully troll its own readers?

New York Magazine has a softly racist article today that asks New Yorkers engaged in service industries to “profile” the habits of tourists that visit the city. Yes, I too am interested in what culture NYC cabbies are most racist towards.

But I digress. A law student was asked her opinion. But not in the capacity of providing legal services. Instead, NYMag polled her on her experiences serving customers at the pole:

The Exotic Dancer

“Danielle,” 25, dancer at Club Cheetah and NYU law student

How many of your patrons are out-of-towners?

Probably 40 percent. From the end of October to the beginning of January, we get a lot of vacationers. But all year round, we are loaded with out-of-town businessmen! Yay!

Are they difficult? Is language a problem?

Language isn’t so bad. We have girls from all over the world in the club. I can usually find someone to communicate. But some people think the club is a free-for-all and need to be reminded of the rules.

Is one nationality worse than others about that?

I don’t want to single out anyone, but there are a few countries which seem to breed smelly, cheap, groping guys. We hate them.

NYU Law career services, please take a bow. No, I’m serious. In fact, just bend over to the front and touch your toes.

But maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on NYU. I know I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but I can’t be the only one thinking “NYU? Really? Are we sure the reporter didn’t confuse New York University Law School with New York Law School?”

I’m not saying there aren’t any NYU Law students out there stripping, I’m saying that I think NYU Law students who strip don’t go around volunteering that they’re studying law at NYU. It reeks of “honey, why don’t you go to a cheaper law school, so you can keep your clothes on?”

NYLS, on the other hand…. I mean, can’t you just see the reporter walking up to a stripper and the stripper saying, “I’m not just a stripper, I’m getting my law degree! At New York Law!” And then the reporter, barely paying attention, jots something down in the notebook, and then throws it into the description without really understanding the difference between the two schools.

Isn’t that what really happened here?

I know, I know, I’m a horrible elitist. I do not rule out the possibility that the NY Mag reporter got it exactly right, and that there’s a girl at a top ten law school stripping and talking about countries that “seem to breed smelly, cheap, groping guys.”

Either way, this is why kids go to Columbia. Why strip in the Village when you can pimp on the West Side?

Tourist Profiling [New York Magazine]

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