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Adventures in Lawyer Advertising: Best Lawyer Billboard Ever

Last week in Non-Sequiturs, we pointed you to a photo essay of some of the sketchiest lawyer billboards out there. From dogs, to eye patches, to crazy nicknames, these billboards are the epitome of what makes local lawyer advertising so painfully bad.

It’s tough to say which is worse — these misguided attempts at originality, or the overly earnest types who make lofty promises to fight for you and protect your rights. The serious advertisements are equally subject to mockery.

One Florida solo practitioner may have discovered the perfect approach. No over-the-top gimmicks, no vows to fight injustice. Just the simple, honest truth….

Meet Daryl Q. Stringer, a personal injury and wrongful death lawyer from Tampa. Why should you hire him? Because he’s on a billboard.

No, really. That’s his entire pitch. “Call me. I’m a lawyer. I’m on a billboard.”

Sometimes there’s something to be said for honesty, however rare that may be in advertising. After all, isn’t Stringer saying exactly what most lawyers are really trying to say with their billboards? No one really pays for billboard advertising to convey some deep message. The whole point is to say, “I’m on a billboard, so I must be important. Give me your money.”

And honestly, who would you trust to be more straightforward — the guy who has enough of a sense of humor to state the obvious, or the guy who calls himself the gorilla? The choice is obvious.

I only wish Stringer’s website had more of this self-aware humor. Compared to most of the solo practitioner websites we see, it’s downright normal.

But, if I’m ever in Tampa and in need of a personal injury lawyer, I know who I’m calling. I mean, he’s on a billboard. Enough said.

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