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Can Somebody Break a Hundred for John Quinn?

John B. Quinn, founding partner of Quinn Emanuel, is one of our favorites here at Above the Law. We like people who have personality.

We also like people who are so rich they just don’t give a f**k. Quinn seems to have gotten to the point where he can legitimately start a Twitter account called “rich people problems.”

We have evidence of his tribulations from the the San Francisco reception desk of Quinn Emanuel….

Over the weekend, many people shared an email that went around the San Fran office of Quinn:

To: San Francisco Office
Subject: Can anyone break $100 bill per John Quinn?

He wants a diet coke from the vending machine since our stash isn’t chilled. So he’s asking if anyone can break his $100 bill.

Please let me know asap. Thanks!

Nice. Instead of just politely asking to borrow a dollar from somebody else in the office, he wanted somebody to break his hundred. Like nobody could just loan him the money, he had to give fair value. The only people who walk around with nothing but Benjamins are pimps and trial lawyers.

That’s pretty funny. But some backstory from a tipster makes this email even better:

Couldn’t he have gotten a secretary to give him a dollar? Also funny considering that the firm had gotten rid of free soda a few years ago.

Oh, when penny pinching comes back to bite you in the ass. Or at least frustrate your craving for a low-calorie soft drink.

We don’t have any word on whether anybody was able to help Quinn out. Is it too much to hope for a colleague who had $100 in quarters stashed in her purse?

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