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Is Going To UVA Law School Like Using Cocaine?

UVA is a hell of a law school.

So, I finally caught Your Body On Drugs, the Discovery channel program narrated by Robin Williams in which scientists make people who are high on drugs perform various tasks. Frankly, I thought it would be a little bit better — like, American Gladiator, only with people on cocaine instead of steroids.

Anyway, there’s this part where the cokehead is saying cokehead things, and Robin Williams says something like “cocaine gives the users an inflated sense of self-confidence.” Then the cokehead puts together a bookshelf by balancing the wood in a general cube shape instead of actually screwing things in; it looks great but can’t actually hold any books. At the time, I thought, “Man, this is like going to UVA Law School.”

Oh, I kid, UVA Law students. But between the alleged criminal activity of current students, alleged tall tales told by former students, and all the popped collars, you gotta ask if a little humility might do the campus good?

The latest story of alleged misbehavior from UVA Law involves road rage. But what makes this story funny is that it involves a UVA Law student in a car allegedly menacing a UVA history professor on a bike. As reported by The Hook:

The latest is Schuyler-raised London Crounse, 24, who is supposed to enter the legal profession in 2013 and who graduated with honors from Virginia Military Institute, but who allegedly so traumatized a bike-riding UVA professor that the professor filed assault charges.

According to the criminal complaint filed by Kirt von Daacke, an associate professor and assistant dean in the history department, he was riding his bike along McCormick Road September 1 and preparing to turn left onto Alderman Road when a black sedan suddenly appeared. The complaint asserts that the sedan pulled up close, swerved, then raced around him on the right. At another traffic light, von Daacke writes, the driver of the car began screaming obscenities at him and when von Daacke started to turn left, the car “cut around me on the left at high speed, [the driver] still shouting at me.”

In the complaint, von Daacke says Crounse continued to pursue him, “screaming that he was going to kill me, driving continuously within a foot of me and swerving at me several times.”

VMI for undergrad — Crounse is a proud member of the UVA Law class of 2013.

It’s a bad story for UVA. Either they’ve got another law student who can’t do the right thing, or they’ve got a history professor who is a prick of a bicyclist:

Asked for comment after the hearing, Crounse initially threatened to sue a reporter but then apologized and said the bicyclist — von Daacke — passed him on a double yellow line.

“He leaned in my window and called me an a**hole,” says Crounse.

Yeah, this Crounse guy sounds pretty eager to pop his collar. But that might not last long:

The law student tells the Hook he went to VMI on an academic scholarship and that he’s the first in his family to go to college. Now, he says he’s worried that the charge — and a newspaper’s account of it — will affect his job prospects. He says he entered law school to get a good job to care for his family.

If I was Crounse, I wouldn’t worry too much. There are tons of UVA law students who have been accused of being a**holes who still end up with good jobs.

Road rage? Law student to spend Christmas Eve in jail [The Hook]

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