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Lawyers & Economics: The Greek Debt Crisis

Professor William Birdthistle

Welcome to Lawyers & Economics, a new video series on financial topics by Professor William Birdthistle of Chicago-Kent College of Law. Professor Birdthistle, who teaches corporate law, has been preparing well-received videos for his students on a variety of subjects related to economics and finance. We’ve previously linked to some of his work, which received positive reader feedback, so we thought we’d give you a bit more.

After the jump, here’s a short primer on the Greek debt crisis, which remains ongoing. Watch it, so you can sound enlightened the next time this topic comes up at a cocktail party.

It features not just Professor Birdthistle but also a television actor you might recognize, who left Hollywood to become a law student….

Here’s the video, which is short and punchy. William Birdthistle is joined by Johnny Kastl, television actor turned 2L at Iowa Law, better known to some of you as Dr. Doug Murphy of “Scrubs.” Enjoy!

Lawyers & Economics: The Greek Debt Crisis [YouTube]
Best of Doug Murphy [YouTube]
Johnny Kastl [IMDb]
Greek lawmakers expected to pass austerity budget [Associated Press]

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