Non-Sequiturs: 12.02.11

You can keep your Siri fantasies, I'll hold out for an iChristina Hendricks.

* Sketchy lawyer billboard photo essay. [Copyranter]

* I bet most Congress people would find a way to lose money in the stock market even if they were allowed to trade based on their inside information. [Politico]

* Siri, the iPhone’s voice-activate software that comes in a pleasing female voice, is apparently a sexist male fantasy. Maybe, but that male has a pretty boring fantasy life. I don’t want my fantasy iSlave to find me coffee, I want her to bring it right to my desk. Naked. And then have sex with me. And then bring me another cup of coffee because the first one got cold. [Not So Private Parts / Forbes]

* Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer seems to be a real odd ball. [ESPN]

* Does this mean Samsung has been watching me through my television all this time? I swear I watch Cinemax movies for the tight plotlines. [NPR]

* Dude, we’re running out of Scotch. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF SCOTCH! Somebody do something!! [Huffington Post]

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