Non-Sequiturs: 12.06.11

* I’d say getting stabbed at anger management class was a foreseeable event, and that anger management providers should employ security to lessen the risks. [Legal Blog Watch]

* Married guys make the best stalkers. [Dealbreaker]

* Bryan Cave picks up a firm in Denver. Evidently Tim Tebow makes everything in that city more valuable. [Am Law Daily]

* And Arnold Porter is merging with Howard Rice. I’ll allow one “Rice at the A&P” joke over the next few seconds before I declare them all incredibly lame. [The Recorder]

* MPRE scores are out. Congratulations to those of you who were ethical enough to correctly answer questions on a multiple choice test. Better luck next time if you need to take it again. [MPRE Services]

* Can you trust putting client data on the cloud? [An Associate’s Mind]

* All are welcome to join me off the Biglaw train. Trust me, the ride is well worth it. [Forbes / She Negotiates]

* I’m telling you, we aren’t one or two generations away from “civil war deniers” who claim slavery didn’t happen “they way you’ve been taught.” [The Atlantic]

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