Non-Sequiturs: 12.29.11

Whoever owns this should be imprisoned.

* Palsgraf yo, the 2011 version. [The Daily What]

* There was a dispute about who owns the rights to Ghost Rider? Ghost Rider? Even dung beetles don’t fight each other over poo. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Meanwhile, both Marvel and D.C. Comics support SOPA. That’s cool, definitely the lesson kids are supposed to take from comic books is that freedom should always be sacrificed when there is more money on the line. [The Beat]

* A state-mandated Christmas bonus is one reason to follow Mantequilla to Mexico. [Library of Congress]

* One of the best year-end lists I’ve seen: the year in lies. [Gawker]

* They should make a comedy about MF Global with Rowan Atkinson playing Jon Corzine. [Dealbook]

* Rick Perry; still stupid. [TPM]

* New media. Catch the fever! [Real Lawyers Have Blogs]

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