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UVA Law Student Arrested: Charged With Breaking and Entering

Man, you guys sure like making fun of UVA Law students.

Based on our overflowing inbox, many of you know that a UVA law student was arrested today. He’s been charged with breaking and entering — but not into a dorm room, or into the house of a millionaire. The student was charged with breaking into the University’s Registrar’s office.

The police suspect he was looking for transcript paper.

Silly UVA Law student. Doesn’t he know that all the Duke stationery is in Durham?

Oh, I jest. I’m going to pause now so we can all ponder the job prospects of UVA law students who’ve been charged with B&E in an apparent attempt to falsify records….

Here’s the barebones report from NBC News 29:

University of Virginia Police have charged Joshua Peter Gomes, a UVA Law Student, with two counts of breaking and entering and one count of possession of burglary tools.

Charges come after an investigation of breaking and entering into the University Registrar’s Office reported by University officials on December 6, 2011.

Not good times. But at least one UVA law student seems to be applying the right spin:

The guy is a 2L. Since the reports say they found transcript paper in his house, he either succeeded in last night’s [alleged] break-in and was tracked down or managed to [allegedly] steal it at some earlier point. We’re kind of hoping he was involved in some sort of transcript paper smuggling ring, if only to make this arrest seem a little less pathetic.

Man, if he had gotten away with it, how awesome would the rest of finals have been? He could have just chilled out and not worried and made up whatever grades he wanted to after it was over. UVA law students are good at making stuff up.

Then again, if the allegations are true, Joshua Gomes won’t have to worry so much about finals anyway. There’s no transcript in the world that will paper over this mistake.

UPDATE (12/8/11): It appears that Gomes has been banned from UVA property (third link).

UVA Law Student Charged with Breaking and Entering [NBC News 29]

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