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Congratuations to the 2012 Presidential Management Fellows Finalists

Here at Above the Law, we try to notify our readers about job opportunities for law students and lawyers. Some of these positions are less desirable and some are more desirable, but hey: in this economy, a job is a job.

(At least as long as it pays. Some jobs don’t, of course.)

Back in the fall, we reminded you about the application deadline for the Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF). In case you’re not familiar with the PMF program, check out the official website.

Now we bring you an update about the program….

Last week, the PMF program posted the official list of 2012 finalists. As you can see from the list (PDF), law students are well-represented among the 628 finalists. Congratulations to those who made the cut.

The PMF program was exceptionally competitive this year, with over 9,000 applicants vying for positions. Said a source:

Here’s the list. A lot of students from D.C. law schools like Georgetown and GW.

As you are aware, the job market still sucks for 3Ls. If OCI was a bust and Honors Programs didn’t work out, the PMF is probably one of the last remaining “good options” for law students. Of course it’s still very competitive; only 7% of people were selected to be Finalists.

The trick is that most PMFs need to then be placed by an agency. But the 628 Finalists this year is lower than previous years, so it’s likely those who want a placement will get one. After two years, the vast majority have the option to stay on full-time.

Might be a good post and educational for 2Ls/recent graduates.

Absolutely. If you’re a 2L who expects to be looking for a full-time, post-graduate position in the fall of 2012, consider this an early reminder. The PMF program typically starts taking applications in September — this past year, the application window ran from September 15 to 25 — so you don’t have that much time to get your materials together after returning from summer break.

Congrats again to the PMF finalists for 2012, and good luck to the applicants for 2013. We won’t be surprised if 2013 is the year that applications break the 10,000 barrier — so if you’re planning to apply, be sure to give yourself enough time to assemble the strongest application possible.

Official List of Finalists for the PMF Class of 2012 [Presidential Management Fellows Program]
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