Non-Sequiturs: 01.09.12

How many more days can I remind people that this guy could be the Republican nominee?

* Corporations are people when it comes to influencing our political process with money. But people are not people if they are foreign born. Clearly, foreign nationals living in the United States should just incorporate themselves in Delaware if they want to regain their personhood. [Election Law Blog]

* Let’s see if my patented blurb machine can come up with an Elie-style blurb for this article on technology-assisted review: “Associates will loose job to machetes because law schools graduate bad news debt.” Meh, at least it got the typos right. [Law & Technology / Forbes]

* It is funny to see the “Indian Enron” spit up on everybody. [Going Concern]

* Jon Corzine isn’t going to retreat to his lair and lick his wounds, okay. He’s going to get up off the mat and find somebody else to hire him to do something. Hey, nobody ever went broke underestimating Americans. [Dealbreaker]

* I don’t think anybody wants to hear what Rick Santorum thinks about this couple. But most people don’t actually see what Santorum’s family policies would do to real families. [Stop the Deportations]

* But we can’t yell at Santorum for everything. He’s not a total hypocrite. [New York Personal Injury Law Blog]

* Honestly, I don’t think I’d survive one day in jail. I think I’d be beaten up by hour three, be weeping by hour seven, spend 13 to 16 trying to sleep, get raped on hour 16, and get shot to death trying to escape around hour 20. So, that’s like, less than a day. [Underdog]

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