Non-Sequiturs: 01.31.12

* Squatters rights, FTW. As long as you are not on an oil field or a electric chair factory, they probably don’t even care about squatters in Texas. [Dallas Morning News]

* Cops can’t buy touristy gear with the NYPD logo on it? But I thought the Taser was a toy. [DNAInfo]

* Student loan forgiveness just got a little bit easier. [Heather Jarvis]

* You don’t have to work abroad to learn how to mix with different cultures. Just try working on the lower east side. [What About Clients?]

* Remember when we could f*** with them just by giving out some diseased blankets? Man, those were the days. [Washington Post]

* There is a job opening at the ACS for somebody with legal skills. I know the guy you’ll likely be sharing an office with, and I can vouch that he’s cool and won’t mind if you spend a lot of time reading ATL. [American Constitution Society]

* The Onion has a funny story about our criminal justice system…

(hidden for your protection)

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