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Law School Lunch Drama Continues — From Coast To Coast

It has been a while since we covered the rash of law school lunch thievery that had been causing much suffering and afternoon hunger pangs for students across the country. But that doesn’t mean the cafeteria drama has been contained. Over the last month, we have continued receiving tips from law schools across the country about Hansen’s soda heartbreak and the adventures of a refrigerator warrior.

Today, we have a round-up of the most recent law school lunch wars, courtesy of UC Davis Law, Cornell Law School, Iowa Law, and the University of Cincinnati College of Law

First, a student at the UC Davis School of Law is despondent over the disappearance of her all-natural Hansen’s soda. Nobody knows the trouble she’s seen.

UPDATE 10:40 PM: It looks like we need to tune our sarcasm detector. The note-writer reached out to us, and she let us know this is actually satire. (click to enlarge):

Feel free to mock Californians for our obsession with all things “all natural.” Because it’s true. And it is funny.

Meanwhile, over at Iowa Law, students are a little bit more polite and tactful. This note encourages snitching and includes a nice shout-out to McGruff the Crime Dog:

On the following pages, we have an email from another Midwestern student who took it upon himself to clean the communal fridge, and a vengeful Cornell student’s rant at the injustice of a stolen Lean Cuisine….

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