Non-Sequiturs: 02.03.12

This is how I imagine the Cox firm Christmas card.

* If you ever encounter a one-eyed, dart-throwing lawyer, for the love of God, don’t misspell his name. [LA Weekly]

* WikiLeaks and Anonymous are still doing their thing. Right now, that thing is hacking into law firm websites and exposing sensitive personal information. CHECK YOU DATA SECURITY. [Gizmodo]

* Our own Staci Zaretsky will be on WBEZ Chicago radio Monday morning at 9:15 CST, talking about law schools getting sued over employment data. Call in at (312) 923-9239 with your questions. [WBEZ Eight Forty-Eight]

* Earlier today, we wrote about Now say hello to How does this happen outside celebrity Jeopardy and Arrested Development? [Anderson & Anderson LLP]

* Lest we leave anyone out, Mr. Cox? Mr. Cox? Guys, I need Cox. I need to find Mr. Beaver and Mr. Cox. [Cox Law]

* At first I was skeptical about more law school “humor,” but then I realized the front page story is about boobs. Yaaaay. [Vandy Law Humor Magazine]

* Susan G. Komen for the Cure is not cutting funding for Planned Parenthood after all. So all you pagans and baby killers should just cool your jets already. [Wall Street Journal Health Blog]

* New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman begins his bid to be the next New York Attorney General to become Governor of New York. [Huffington Post]

* An interview with an executive producer and writer of the television rebirth of John Grisham‘s The Firm. The best part: they are actually lawyers. [Constitutional Daily]

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