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Another Law School Flummoxed By the Sun

Every so often, law schools are caught unprepared. Not just by a suddenly soft employment market or by weak practical training offerings, but sometimes the appearance of the hot sun itself can throw your average law school administration for a loop.

I’m not joking. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for tuition does not buy you a classroom with adaptable climate control!

We’ve seen it before at Cardozo and NYU. And now that we’re seeing some unseasonably warm temperatures, we’ve got another law school which is powerless to counterbalance the sun.

Instead, the law school seems to be offering some training to help law students cope with the weather….

Michigan is experiencing some unseasonably warm temperatures. And things are generally hopping right now at Michigan State Law (whose basketball team garnered a number one seed in the NCAA tournament).

But the MSU College of Law building maintenance people just can’t keep campus facilities cool. Unable to actually make classrooms comfortable for professors and students, MSU Law student received a patronizing letter from building maintenance about, basically, how temperature works:

Several people have reported elevated temperatures throughout the building this afternoon. In contacting MSU, we learned that this is due to the warm outdoor temps. MSU uses chilled water to cool the building, but it has not been piped in yet. April 15 is the date when it is scheduled to be turned on. We are informed that there are 40 other buildings on campus where indoor temperatures are in the 80’s.

Dressing in layers may help – mornings are likely to be cooler and afternoons may be very warm.

Ah, you’ve got to love the Nelly approach to environmental control.

Hey, MSU students, let me give you a little tip for beating the heat: you don’t actually need to go to class in March anyway. Watch the tournament, play some Star Wars, and chill out. Hit the books hard after Easter, and your transcript will never know the difference.

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