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Is There A Facebook Snitch In Your Class?


Why You Should Not Go To Law School Rant

Let me start by saying I don’t regret my decision to go to law school. I am passionate about the career I plan to pursue, and my five years out of undergrad helped cement things for me and give me some perspective about life and the world around me. That being said, you shouldn’t go to law school.

Law school nowadays (things might not have been this bad ten years ago) is full of 22 and 23 year old immature little kids, many of whom have never had a real job in their lives and have no idea why they chose to go to law school except, “the job market sucks” or “I majored in English.”

The entire day is spent gmail chatting and scrolling up and down their facebook feeds and online shopping. What is this, middle school? I mean seriously, you people are spending huge sums of money (or maybe you’re not, maybe mommy and daddy are paying to send you to law school) so that you can chat to your little friends?

Why do you come to class little Asian girl in the front row who literally checked facebook 14 times (yes, I counted) today in Con Law 2 class? News flash: this is grad school and 99% of professors don’t take attendance! Why don’t you stay home and gmail chat or facebook feed scroll? Why are you even here? More to the point, why the f**k are you sitting in the front row? Are you so blissfully ignorant and unaware that there is a larger world that exists outside your MacBook Pro that could potentially not want to spend the entire hour watching you scroll through the J. Crew catalog online? Do you think some of us pay $40,000 a year and go into debt for the next 10 years so we can see what your friends posted in the last 4 minutes on facebook?

I totally appreciate that not all law professors are stimulating the entire hour or two hour long class. I totally understand that sometimes your dad is sick and went to the hospital and you need to email your sister to see if he’s feeling better. Emergencies happen. Boredom happens. But maybe you should reevaluate why you decided to go through the hell of LSATs, pay $40,000 a year for 3 years and sit through civil procedure and property. Or maybe you should stay home. Or at the very least, sit in the back row. Or maybe seek mental health care for your insane addiction to electronic devices and inability to pay attention to an actual human being for more than 2.3 minutes at a time.

Anyways, law schools should not admit any students who haven’t worked for at least 2 years after undergrad but I can’t make them listen to me. And you out there, you should not come to law school unless you give a s**t about why you’re there and you have a real goal in mind and a concrete understanding of why you are about to go through hell for 3 years for $120,000 and deal with all these assholes you have to sit in class with daily. There are too many lawyers in this country and not enough jobs so go do something else if you plan to waste three years gmail chatting.

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