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Mice-Infested Law School in NYC

And we’re not talking about New York Law School.

As we mentioned in Morning Docket, Am Law is busy flogging law firms for their gross cafeterias. We’ll have more coverage on that later today.

But at least Biglaw associates can afford to go out to Per Se for lunch if they don’t like the catering in the cafeteria. Law students, on the other hand, are more likely to have their options limited to the school cafeteria or street meat.

Well, there’s one New York area law school, one highly ranked NYC law school, where a low-ranked cafeteria is the least of their worries. That’s because there are mice all over the classrooms.

Wait until next year, when tuition goes up to cover the cost of extermination….

At NYU Law School, the expected total student budget (including tuition, room and board, and health care) is projected at $74,704 per year. (Christ on water, is that figure real? For one year of law school? You don’t put bourbon in it or nothin’?)

But nearly $75K per year does not buy you a rodent-free study space. Not in New York. From a tipster:

NYU Law seems to be infested with mice and students are starting to complain about it. I have heard of at least three sightings *during class* at Furman Hall, NYU Law’s ‘new’ building, two of them this morning. Also, the cafeteria at Vanderbilt Hall was given a B grade by the Health Dept and evidence of live mice seems to be one of the violations.

Eww. That’s just gross. No wonder NYU law students don’t want to live on campus.

Of course, even private housing doesn’t guarantee a vermin-free space. It’s something I hate about New York City; every goddamn landlord or building manager will act like mice are inevitable in this city. But it’s a load of crap. Mice can’t walk through walls; they have to chew through them. Which means there are holes, and holes can be plugged with steel wool and plaster.

Whether or not maintenance is motivated to do that is another question entirely. We’ve done so many stories about therapy dogs; maybe NYU Law needs to get the students a cat.

Hopefully, NYU Law will get the message before its students are trying to take the bar exam while suffering from the bubonic plague.

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