Non-Sequiturs: 03.09.12

* I think the brother who wrote this post and I should head out to a bar this weekend and talk about the dangers of privately objectifying women in the workplace. I’ll get us a table at Rick’s Cabaret. [Jezebel]

* Topless woman protests Bank of America at a corporate meeting. Luckily, she was escorted out before everybody ran out of dollar bills. [Dealbreaker]

* The war on religion continues. Next on Your Republican Party: Companies who make birth control pills but mislabel them so women are taking the sugar pills at the wrong time shouldn’t be liable for their gross negligence because they were within their religious rights to trick dirty sluts who like to have sex. [Legal Blog Watch]

* Every time a new law school doesn’t open, an angel gets its wings. And then I capture the angel, ram a cone up its ass, and sell it at Christmas time to pay down my debt. [BU Pipe Dream]

* I had oral surgery this morning, so I’m high as a kite and I still couldn’t understand this post. [PrawfsBlawg]

* Just a reminder that trial lawyers aren’t required to fight like petulant children over every issue. [Forbes]

* I think America should play nicely with Europe in space. But the “lamestream media” seems to want us to be able to shoot wolves with machine guns while in low earth orbit. [New York Times]

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