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Poo-Smelling Foulness Pervades MPRE Exam

Lawyer screwed me.

Today, we have a real law school horror story. One that could have been written by Stephen King:

“Our tipster took her MPRE exam through over two hours of s**t smelling foulness I can’t even imagine. Or maybe I don’t want to imagine.”

Yeah, that’s right, we have a tipster who claims that one location for Saturday’s MPRE exam was beset by “fecal matter.”

Pop quiz: can a lawyer advertise that her law offices aren’t full of s**t?

I’ll let our tipster explain what happened while she was trying to take the MPRE at NYU this weekend:

Yesterday, I took the Sunday MPRE at NYU’s Silver Center. Our entire section had to be moved because there was some type of fecal matter on the floor that produced a strong odor. Several students noticed the smell and saw a trail of poop on the floor. The source was apparently in the back corner of the room. After complaining, the proctor helped ‘evacuate’ the area, and moved us to new seats. All the doors and windows had to be propped open to deal with the issue.

That’s a pretty good metaphor: even if a bunch of lawyers take professional responsibility seriously, there’s always one who poops on the floor and ruins it for everybody.

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