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2012 Law Revue Video Contest Winner: It Was Close, and Nasty, and Full of Good Sex

Sometimes, to win, you have to hurt some feelings. You have to step on some toes. You have to sell yourself to get what you want.

The students of Columbia Law School know the truth of this. And that is why today, they stand as winners in our Fourth Annual Law Revue Video Contest. Their raunchy (and I mean raunchy, watch it again below) video bested George Washington’s Palsgraf effort.

But not without a lot of intrigue. We’ve seen some hard campaigning before in these contests, but Columbia’s efforts went to the mattresses….

There were a record number of voters this year, and Columbia needed a strong push at the end to win by 198 votes (out of over 11,500 votes cast). In the end, I wondered if people were powerless in the face of Columbia’s good-looking, well-singing blonde. But maybe this contest was turned on more than just the talents of one hottie.

Multiple tipsters report that this message was sent out by some Columbia Law Revue supporters:

Columbia Law Revue needs your support! Recently, our friends made a brilliant video for the Above The Law Law Revue Video Contest. They were selected as finalists and depend on your votes to win. Although they are currently leading chief rivals George Washington University Law School (described by a Georgetown Law student as ‘second string’ and by a GWU undergrad as ‘a bunch of hicks’), the margin is small and surprises could still happen.

Boom, Columbia played the CCN card, a card so elitist that you have to be pretty elite to even know what it means.

Of course, all of the people who sent that in were supporters of the GW effort. Maybe GW Law was trying to make CLS look elitist to garner sympathy? George Washington School of Double 0 Law?

Probably not. From a Columbia friend unaffiliated with the law revue:

I didn’t see what we allegedly sent, but it sounds like us except for the part where we pretend to know the difference between Georgetown, George Washington, George Mason, or George Foreman.

Well, whatever happened, Columbia won. Email us your shirt sizes, guys and gals (limit five), and we’ll get them out to you. Champions of 2012. Give me a call if you want to hit up karaoke at Keats sometime.

But, without trying to sound like millennials, and because we have a lot of shirts lying around, we’re also going to give out a Lifetime Achievement T-Shirt to the star of George Washington’s effort (whoever that is) and his crew (so he doesn’t get beat up by other people who are jealous of his success). We’re not doing this because the vote was close or because there’s anything untoward about Columbia’s hard fought victory.

We’re doing it because this guy has lit up this contest for two years in a row. He was the star of GW’s 3rd place effort last year. He rocked the house again this year. And while he may not be a hot blonde, he does have perfectly coiffed facial hair that can be conveniently shaved off when it’s time to go incognito and actually show up to work.

At Above the Law, we reward winners. But we also reward people who keep trying.

Congratulations to Columbia and all the other entries. Thanks so much for participating.

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