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Associate Bonus Watch: Quinn Emanuel Will Pay Spring Bonuses


From: John Quinn
Date: April 23, 2012
To: Associates
Subject: thanks to all of you

as you know too well, the work load at our firm has been daunting for months on end. i have been amazed and humbled by the sustained dedication and sacrifice i have seen from our associates wherever i go. being a good lawyer has always been hard work, but the commitment you show is really something special and, so far as i know, unique. i – and i know the other partners in our firm – are very proud to work with you all. we wouldn’t be the number 1 litigation firm in the world without you.

we are working hard at recruiting and to get more quality help.

in the meantime, in appreciation of your efforts we will be paying bonuses at the end of june. the amounts will be determined roughly on the basis of seniority and level of sacrifice.

on behalf of the firm and our clients, thank you.

John B. Quinn

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