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ATL March Madness (2012): Michigan Is The Most Honest Law School

Above the Law readers are a surprising bunch. After three weeks of voting, the University of Michigan Law School has emerged as the most honest law school in all the land.

Michigan. Can you believe it? I guess all the “Wolverine Scholars” shadiness didn’t stick.

Let’s check out the bracket and the final vote total for Michigan’s victory…

Michigan was able to edge out Berkeley Law for the most honest victory:

One commenter had this to say:

You have to respect Michigan Law for being up-front about affirmative action, fighting for it and *winning* in Grutter v. Bollinger.

Ha. Ha.

I’m thinking Michigan just had the good, midwestern, salt of the Earth values that people associate with “honesty.” Everything seems a little slick on the coasts, but you can trust a Michigan man.

Go Blue.

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