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Law Revue Video Contest 2012: The Finalists!

4. George Washington — Palsgraf

ELIE: IF this video doesn’t win, I will officially lose my faith in the decency of man. I liked this better than the actual Lonely Island video. Let me say that again: better than Lonely Island. Because once you get over Michael Bolton and the awesome costumes, the concept is more purely executed here at GW. AND THE GUY HAS A GREAT VOICE. We shouldn’t even have a contest this year.

LAT: An utterly brilliant, perfectly executed musical overview of the 1L canon. This video had the three of us laughing so hard that our colleague Matt from Dealbreaker wandered into our office to see what all the fuss was about. And the best ATL shout-out of the contest, too. Head and shoulders above the rest of the field.

KASH: Who is the star of this video? He also stole the show last year. Never let him graduate. I actually wanted to watch this video again when I got home.

5. SMU — Still Juris D

ELIE: I liked this. It was aspirational. Instead of bitching about how bad law school is, it was celebrating how great it is to be an attorney. I mean, of course none of it’s true, and these two will grow into bitter old men who resent sitting in the lower bowl at Mavs games because they don’t make enough money to afford courtside seats like their clients, but this isn’t the “grumpy lawyer video contest.”

LAT: Solid lyrics and rapping, good choices in scenery, and a pleasantly nostalgic view of Biglaw (think the glory days of 2007).

KASH: Thank you for the subtitles! (Hint to submitters in the future: We <3 closed captioning.) Like Lat and Elie, I liked this. It was solid. The Bluetooth ear piece was a nice touch for invoking the glory days. Kudos. 6. Wisconsin Law – I Should Have Gone to ITT

ELIE: This wasn’t funny so much as depressingly, deadly accurate. Right? Like, this is actually just some person filming this guy’s life. Nobody was “acting” in this video. Man. I need a drink.

LAT: No, this video isn’t some heartwarming story about a cute Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike with a nice family. If you like your comedy black, this clip’s for you. (About 60 percent of viewers will think this is genius, and 40 percent will be like, “Huh?”)

KASH: Ouch. I really hope this guy actually has a job lined up. If not, I hear ATL is looking for freelance writers.

And now, time to vote. Polls close on MONDAY, APRIL 23, at 11:59 PM (Eastern time). Good luck to all the finalists!

Which is the best Law Revue video?

  • Columbia — Full Faith and Credit (42%, 4,871 Votes)
  • George Washington University — Palsgraf (40%, 4,673 Votes)
  • Boston University — Law So Hard (6%, 720 Votes)
  • American University - I Want That Job Today (5%, 587 Votes)
  • University of Wisconsin – I Should Have Gone to ITT (4%, 476 Votes)
  • SMU — Still Juris D (3%, 308 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,629

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