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Law School Will Only Pay $12/hour for ‘Curriculum Development’

I wish U.S. News could come up with a data point that tells us how much money law schools invest in educating students and finding them employment, versus how much money they just pour into professorial salaries to people more interested in publishing than teaching.

Because really, this little Craigslist ad from a small law school in California seems to confirm what most people already believe to be true: when it comes the actual teaching of law, law schools are looking to save money.

Have you ever wondered who writes the “answers” to you law school exams? It very well could be out of work recent graduates who found that their legal training doesn’t translate into a full time job…

The website, named Shit Law Jobs, found this beautiful offer floating around the San Francisco Craigslist:

Come on St. Francis faculty, this strikes me as lazy even by the low standards we expect from full-time academics. If you are not going to even bother to answer your own questions, how do you know if your questions are any good? And don’t even get me started on how weaksauce your whole academic offerings must be if the perfect answer can be IRAC’d with commercial outlines.

Why should a student even go to St. Francis? They should just read the commercial outlines and be done with it. But this is the kind of education you get when you are going to an online law school; education you can literally purchase on Craigslist.

The sad reality is that a person who graduates from this law school probably won’t even be nearly qualified enough to perform this $12/hour job.

Design a California law school’s curriculum for $12/hr [Shit Law Jobs]

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