Non-Sequiturs: 04.02.12

That cajun boot is still going up the Saints' backside.

* New Orleans Saints players may face criminal charges in the wake of the bounty scandal. This could open up the way for Giselle Bundchen to be charged with murdering the Patriots Dynasty. [Yahoo]

* I wish this weren’t an April Fool’s joke. [Election Law Blog]

* Professors try to save students a bit of money, so of course somebody is pissed off. You know it’s a good thing that people have stopped really expecting these student debts to ever be paid, otherwise somebody might take a real look at controlling the costs of higher education. [WSJ Law Blog]

* A nice post on the history and evolution of the castle doctrine. [Blackbook Legal]

* Oaksterdam U. gets raided by the feds. That might be contrapment. [San Francisco Chronicle]

* Blawg Review is back. [Blawg Review via Declarations and Exclusions]

* The Obama administration really needs to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act. [Poliglot]

* Don’t forget to send in your law revue videos. We still haven’t gotten anything from traditional heavy hitters like UVA and NYU. [Above the Law]

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